With more than 300 solutions to protect your surfaces, Novacel's offer is very wide. It covers all types of materials, markets and industries. 

However, we know that your surfaces can be unique. Whether it is the type of finish, the chemical nature of the substrate, the industrial process, the type of transport or storage, each surface has its particular features

This is why Novacel helps you select your solution.

A team of experts is at your disposal to advise you on the product best suited to your needs.

Novacel can recommend you the best protection for you

Materials and industrial processes are constantly evolving. In order to preserve their added value, it is often necessary to apply a protective film.

Novacel, a team of experts at your service

Novacel, a team of experts at your service

The selection of the solution requires different levels of expertise:

  • Excellent knowledge of the chemical nature of the materials 
  • Consideration of the surface condition, the second critical factor
  • Skills relevant to the industrial processes used
  • The final applications of the surface

Novacel's many specialists take all these criteria into account to recommend the right protection for your needs. We are thus committed to a guarantee of use anywhere in the world.

Novacel provides you with technical support 

Once the solution has been selected, we support you for approval of the product for your industrial process as well as your customer's process.  

As a manufacturer of protective films and application machines, we are able to provide you with a complete service from initial recommendation up to the including implementation of the solution. 

Novacel provides you with technical support

Novacel provides you with technical support

As a true partner, we can come to your premises to start the projectplus later follow-up. Whether the product is new or already exists, we will always be there for you to ensure the best protection for your surfaces and the greatest peace of mind. 

Ask for our documentation

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