Protective solutions for pre-coated metals

Pre-coated steel & aluminum, laminated PVC, or colaminated surfaces, are increasingly used and seen as stylish and essential materials in sectors such as architecture, design, appliances, industry, transport. 

Precoated metals with protective films

Thanks to excellent product features such as a wide variety of surface structures and colors as well as excellent workability and resistance to corrosion, pre-coated metals meet all creative requirements and guarantee quality of manufacture and sustainable construction. 

In coils or flat sheets, pre-coated metals go through multiple processing operations before becoming finished products. The whole manufacturing process is therefore challenging for materials and they need the right protection to avoid damage. 

As a key partner of coil coating and paint companies worldwide,ECCA logo Novacel is a recognized expert in the surface protection of pre-coated metals. A long-standing member of the European Coil Coating Association, Novacel is aware of market expectations and continuously offers tailor-made protection solutions for its customers. 

A solution for every precoated metal surface

With a complete range of protective films, from coated to coextruded technology, Novacel brings you secure & innovative answers to preserve the integrity of your surfaces.

Novacel’s dedicated pre-coated metals range is designed for a variety of: 

  • Coatings (polyester, polyurethane, PVDF, plastisol, with Protective solutions for pre-coated metalsspecific chemical properties such as UV resistance, anti-fingerprint, anti-graffiti, antibacterial, reflective, dirt repellent, photoluminescence, etc.). 
  • Surface finishes (smooth to structured, with specific gloss & roughness).
  • Industrial processes (roll-forming, bending, folding, sawing, slitting, drilling, milling, foaming, CO2 and LASER fiber cutting, embossing, etc.).
  • Handling, storage & transport operations.
  • Segments (construction, household appliances, general industry for furniture, electronics, lighting, etc.).
  • End-use/applications (coil coating, casing & cladding for building, cassettes, sandwich panels for facades - walls & roofs, partition walls, aluminum composite panels, signs & displays, casings and parts for appliances).

The main features that Novacel commits to provide to you to ensure reliable and safe protection, are: 

  • Pre-coated metals with protective filmSpecific and stable adhesion systems, 
  • Optimal resistance to mechanical and thermal processing, 
  • Easy removability without tearing,
  • Significant worldwide outdoor resistance (1 to 12 months),
  • Recyclability.

Do you need to protect rough and textured surfaces?

Discover our wide-ranging innovation: Olympeaks by Novacel, the Premium high-adhesion films for special pre-coated metals.

Olympeaks’ range is the market’s exclusive solution for 100% secure protection and a 3-month outdoor warranty worldwide. Suited to rough and structured substrates in construction and architecture! 

Discover Novacel Olympeaks

Olympeaks By Novacel

Do you need to remove protection fastly and effortlessly?

The Easy Peel range is a historic innovation by Novacel. It is designed to provide extremely fast and effortless removal at the end of the production line for both manual and automated removal. 

Easy Peel films provide excellent protection for pre-coated metal surfaces throughout all the steps of an industrial process and help reduce waste. 

Novacel has developed the 4800 & 4254 families to meet worldwide market expectations and provide high-quality surface protection. These unique water-based families are available in several thicknesses & colors, with the right level of adhesion for your needs. 

Like all other Easy Peel films from the range, removal can be performed without physical effort, thereby helping to limit risks of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). 

With Novacel Easy Peel films, you can experience a value-added solution that simultaneously protects your surfaces and your people!

Find out more about Easy Peel expertise.

Are you looking for a secure protection during fiber LASER process? 

Fiber LASER films for pre-coated metals

Discover the advantages of the new high-end performance fiber LASER films for pre-coated metals:

  • A unique transparent backing to identify colors and inspect surfaces. The dedicated print easily identifies the sheets to be protected for fiber LASER cutting.
  • Two thicknesses and two adhesion levels to match different finishes of pre-painted metals (glossy/smooth, plain, metallic, structured or matt): 4188REF is dedicated to construction & 4398REH is the right choice for appliances.
  • For application with an outdoor warranty, use the standard LASER range (4228REF, 4329REH, 4318REM).

Enjoy the best solutions for pre-painted metals (primary, paint & clear coat), fiber-LASER ready!

Find out more about our LASER cutting expertise.

Do you need to protect "cool colours" or "PVDF Cool Coatings"?

Cool colors are used in the pre-coated metals market and are processed mostly in the US. 

A high-performance PVDF paint system for architectural metals

Protective films for architectural metalsPVDF is also often referred to as Kynar 500, the reference brand on the market. It can be applied on steel or aluminum substrates on coil coating lines. Coating systems of this kind comprise PVDF and acrylic resin, plus ceramic pigments. The features of the product are its remarkable color, durability and strong resistance to sunlight. This paint technology was in fact specially formulated to enable the paint coating to efficiently reflect away ultraviolet radiation and help it remain cool. It uses a two-coat system (primary & finish coatings). The paint finishes may be standard or more structured. 

Experience Novacel's innovative solution for Cool Colors paints

Novacel 4857 / 4867 / 4069 / 4079 for Pre-coated Metals is a range designed for semi-mat and matt Cool Colors finishes, with two levels of adhesion and different colors (clear transparent/blue). They offer 100% secure protection throughout all the steps of the production process. The high-resistance backing film provides efficient mechanical resistance during severe processes such as roll-forming. The joggable backing facilitates automatic unstacking and manual handling of Cool Colors-protected panels. Moreover, the 4 grades make a 3-month outdoor warranty possible worldwide.

The latest solution for precoated metals

Novacel 4566New Novacel 4566 is designed for smooth, glossy, lightly-structured & satin-finish surfaces.

Transparent, strong and multipurpose, it also comes with a 3-month outdoor warranty worldwide.

Suited to many standard applications such as roll-forming,  foaming, bending... and even the harshest of processes.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our Novacel experts for more information on this new solution!

Secure your Metal Coils

Discover Boston Tapes unique range to ensure your coil starting and coil closure operations.

Secure your Metal Coils
Enhance your brand image

Enhance your brand image

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control your environmental impact

All Novacel protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free and REACH compliant.

Control your environmental impact
Get perfect application quality

Get perfect application quality

Novacel recommends you use Walco application machines for guaranteed efficiency.