Protective films for stainless steel

Stainless steel is an outstanding material with a range of technical advantages: it is durable, formable, weldable and of course has as its key feature resistance to oxidation and corrosion. If we add its esthetics (thanks to a myriad of different finishes and brushings) and its recyclability, stainless steel can certainly be said to be a material of great importance in our society both now and for the future. Architecture, industry, transport, elevators and appliances are just a few examples where stainless steel shines thanks to its outstanding properties and benefits.

Stainless steel protective film for elevator

Stainless steel protective film for sinks

A protection throughout the manufacturing process

The manufacturing process from flat stainless steel coil/sheet to the final product is demanding. Many steps are necessary in order to make the stainless steel equipment we use in our daily lives:

  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Slitting
  • Profiling
  • Deep Drawing
  • LASER Cutting

Stainless Steel Protective films

All these processes are harsh, involving heavy tools, heavy pressure, friction, etc. and they can result in surface impacts, dents and scratching that are not acceptable for the end-customer.

Novacel protective films dedicated to stainless steel offer a complete and adapted protection throughout the entire manufacturing process, in addition to handling, transportation and storage operations 

Novacel premium protection

Be sure you can deliver an intact and perfect product to your customer thanks to Novacel premium protection.

Punching Machine
Laser Cutting Machine
LASER Cutting
Bending Machine

Novacel is committed to bringing you reliable, trouble-free solutions, with stable and controlled adhesion throughout all processing cycles and during storage. We also guarantee you significant outdoor resistance (2 to 6 months) and easy removal without tearing. Novacel’s goal is to preserve the quality and impeccable finish of your surfaces, leaving no residues, stains or marking once the film is removed. 

Do you need a fiber LASER cutting film?

Protective film for stainless steel

As an expert and leader for this process, Novacel is fully aware of the constraints of LASER cutting operations. According to your expectations, Novacel can provide you with the widest range of films on the market. Among the most efficient solutions, Novacel 4228 REFthe global reference for protection during Fiber and CO2. Get the best performance from your production machinery in order to meet all your customers’ expectations for precision and esthetics!

Find out more about LASER cutting innovation

Do you need a deep-drawing film?

Inside door washing machine
Inside door washing machine protected by Novacel
Protective film for sinks
Protective film for sinks

Novacel is there to help you to match each new shape or model you need to produce. Liberate the creative potential of your designers: Novacel protective films will provide protection during your most demanding processes with ease, preserving your surfaces. You can count on high-quality backings coupled with premium adhesion with:

  • Novacel 4241 - praised for its versatility
  • Unique Novacel 4105 - takes Easy Peel characteristics to a new level.

Novacel continues to innovate in order to add new tools to your armory for deep-drawing applications with Deep Blue technologyPVC-free protective film with outstanding conformability.

Find out more about our deep drawing expertise.

Secure your Metal Coils

Discover Boston Tapes unique range to ensure your coil starting and coil closure operations.

Secure your Metal Coils
Enhance your brand image

Enhance your brand image

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control your environmental impact

All Novacel protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free and REACH compliant.

Control your environmental impact
Get perfect application quality

Get perfect application quality

Novacel recommends you use Walco application machines for guaranteed efficiency.