Olympeaks, protective solutions for textured pre coated metals

Olympeaks, protective solutions for textured pre coated metals

Olympeaks, protective solutions for textured pre coated metals

Designed in partnership with paint manufacturers & coil coaters laboratories, Olympeaks by Novacel range is dedicated to protect mat, rough & wrinkle-effect surfaces.

The precoated metal market is constantly innovating to offer customers ever more colorful & unique surfaces to meet architects’ demanding requirements. Novacel provides you the solution to preserve your innovative surfaces throughout all processing stages. 

The only range of protective films for high demanding surfaces

A variety of colors & structures

The creativity of prescribers tends to promote more rough, textured and colored surfaces that have the look and the feel of natural materials.

Novacel is the only one who is capable of providing really secure protection for these top-of-the-line painted surfaces

With 60 years’ experience of the production of technical protective films, we have developed an exclusive solution for this market:  Olympeaks by Novacel.

Dedicated to the construction industry

Increasing demand for construction and thermal renovation is generating an expansion in construction projects.

In partnership with major players in prepainted metals, Novacel developed protective film solutions fully suited to the needs of architectural design.

From the roof top down to the foundation of your construction, Olympeaks by Novacel covers a large range of ends uses: roofs tiles, cladding panels, painted gutters, sandwich panels, garage doors, accessories

Roof Tiles


Cladding panels

Painted Gutters

Sandwich panels

Garage Door

The high quality of our protective films match the specific requirements of various industrial processes: 

  • Coil coating lines
  • Powder coating lines
  • Sandwich panel lines
  • Aluminium composite panel lines

Discover the performance and the benefits of this incredible range of protective films! 

Secure your Metal Coils

Discover Boston Tapes unique range to ensure your coil starting and coil closure operations.

Secure your Metal Coils
Enhance your brand image

Enhance your brand image

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control your environmental impact

All Novacel protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free and REACH compliant.

Control your environmental impact
Get perfect application quality

Get perfect application quality

Novacel recommends you use Walco application machines for guaranteed efficiency.