Protective films for ski top sheet

Ski and surf items are more than simply sport equipment – above all, they are fun objects or in some cases may be even be collector's items.. 

Protection for ski top sheet

Your skis deserve the best protection

The care and design that you have brought to satisfying lovers of skiing must be preserved until they take full possession of their prized equipment. 

Protective films for snowboard top sheet

No scratches, no marks must disappoint your customers. Novacel is at your side to guarantee them a unique experience. 

Whatever the surface condition of your top sheet, from bright and smooth to highly structured, there is always a Novacel solution.

Novacel can take your process constraints into account

Designed to withstand all the constraints associated with the fabrication of skis and snowboards, Novacel's protective films do more than just safeguard the surface condition of your products for both thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)- and Polyamide (PA)-based top sheets.

In both traditional and injected ski manufacturing, Novacel products can withstand robust production requirements.

Novacel grades can be used in various printing processes, with no curling in silk-screen processes, and keep their dimensional stability throughout sublimation or digital printing.

Protect your smooth and glossy surfaces with Novacel 9279

For more satin to highly structured surfaces, Novacel 9289 and Novacel 9299 are references that will provide you with the necessary protection.

Enhance your brand image

Enhance your brand image

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control your environmental impact

All Novacel protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free and REACH compliant.

Control your environmental impact
Get perfect application quality

Get perfect application quality

Novacel recommends you use Walco application machines for guaranteed efficiency.