Protective films for wood

Wood, a noble and versatile material, is a component in decoration and construction that is increasingly present in our environment.

In order to meet the expectations of the various markets, surface finishes are often added in upstream industrial processes. The wealth of surface finishes offers a limitless range of uses for architects, decorators, furniture designers, among others.

Wood surface protection film

Novacel protection for different wood types

For high-end applications, products from the wood industry are now available in several finishes, some of which need protection. Novacel accompanies your products, protecting them against scratching during transport, sizing and installation.

Protective film for wood tableNovacel films also protect finishes with or without varnish or paint against dirt and paint splashes during construction. The high tack level of Novacel products allows panel edges to be lacquered or varnished with no risk of paint/clearcoat penetration between the film and the protected surface.

All the care that you have taken with your wood during its preparation in your workshop is preserved right up to the end-customer.

Each variety of wood and its associated finish requires tailored protection. As part of its systemic approach to support and guidance, Novacel will help you select the right protective film for your use. Whether your wood is untreated, sanded, varnished or lacquered, there is always a Novacel solution to safeguard its finish.

A solution for every wood finishes

The Novacel 4160 or Novacel 4334 range of high-adhesion protective films is perfectly suited to protecting sanded finishes. 

For lacquered or varnished finishes, the Easy Peel products of the Novacel 4254 family provide the necessary protection combined with speed and ease of removal unique on the market.

In all cases Novacel's transparent clear films safeguard your surfaces without masking their main value-added features: look and color.

Enhance your brand image

Enhance your brand image

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control your environmental impact

All Novacel protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free and REACH compliant.

Control your environmental impact
Get perfect application quality

Get perfect application quality

Novacel recommends you use Walco application machines for guaranteed efficiency.