Protective films for coated glass

Low-e coated glass or Low Emissivity glass is an invisible coating applied to the glass surface to improve insulating properties of the glass. 

Better regulation of buildings’ temperature thank to Low-e glass, able to decrease the consumption of air conditioner or central heating. It helps to protect our environment.  

Protective film for coated glass

Protection against corrosion 

Logo Novacel ForGlassLow-e coatings may be sensitive to corrosion and needs to be protected just after fabrication. 

Forglass 4201 is laminated by glass producer with a lamination machine to avoid wrinkles. It sustains perfectly downstream process such as edge deletion, cutting, washing.

Forglass 4201 is compatible with the majority of the coatings and respects their chemical and optical properties.​

It avoids the use of PMMA powder.

Not only it provides a good adhesion on glass but it is also easy to remove from the coated glass!

Forglass 4201 leaves the coating intact for IGU construction.

4201 PE Rubber 50

Enhance your brand image

Enhance your brand image

Give your brand greater visibility by printing your logo on your protective film.

Control your environmental impact

All Novacel protective films are recyclable, PVC free, Phthalate free and REACH compliant.

Control your environmental impact
Get perfect application quality

Get perfect application quality

Novacel recommends you use Walco application machines for guaranteed efficiency.