Protecting surfaces helps protect our planet and promotes human wellbeing!

Novacel is committed to directing its actions towards the promotion of human wellbeing and the protection of the planet, working day by day in close partnership with its customers, partners and employees.

Novacel Sustainability

Take care of the planet by protecting instead of remanufacturing!

Surface protection avoids damage to new materials that have been resource-intensive to produce. It also limits the accumulation of packaging.

Protection based on virtuous products is even better! By eco-designing its products and solutions, Novacel’s aims to reduce its impacts on the environment and to contribute to people’s wellbeing.

How can we protect our customers’ surfaces while also limiting the impact on the environment and contributing to human wellbeing ?

Taking care of people

Novacel works to enhance wellbeing and safeguard the health of its customers and employees. Innovative solutions have been created to achieve this goal.

 Lownoise” protective films drastically reduce the level of noise during roll unwinding to less than 85 dB. 

Novacel also proposes products that are easier to remove that protect your workers from musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) thanks to pain-free procedures.

All Novacel products are REACH compliant. Their utilization is safe for staff or users. They are formulated without phthalates.

Taking care of the planet

Providing the best possible protection of our customers’ valuable surfaces, while at the same time limiting the ecological impact of our activities is a daily challenge. 

Novacel is focused on improving its production resources and reducing its energy consumption. Novacel sets water and electricity reduction targets to be achieved each year.

Surface protection solutions are composed mainly of polyolefin and adhesive. Novacel has always worked to reduce the thickness of its products in order to save resources. Tensilized® films, a thin, reinforced version of Novacel's historical standard films, are proof of this. Novacel has now gone even further with its new Oxygen range.

Oxygen, a new ecological range of protective films

Logo Novacel Oxygen

Today, to further reduce the impact of surface protection, you can either continue to reduce the amount of material used or replace the fossil content by more sustainable material. This saves non-renewable resources and reduces carbon emissions, which are responsible for global warming.

This is the basis for the OXYGEN range, Novacel's new and unique range of eco-responsible products.

Discover the OXYGEN range in our expertise section!

This new product range is part of a global, voluntary Social Responsibility approach supported by Novacel management and the Chargeurs group.

How can recycling to be deployed on a large scale?

Novacel has worked not only on the product, but also on its entire life cycle, including its end-of-life. Adopting an eco-design approach, Novacel's protective films have been designed to be recycled  in a large number of value-added cycles (manufacture of pipes, cores, and so on). 

Logo Novacel Recycling

Most Novacel products are recyclable. Tomorrow’s challenge is to help customers to effectively recycle their protective film waste.

Novacel is working actively to offer new solutions to its customers by 2022. 

Logo Alliance to End Plastic Waste

In the meantime, Novacel partners with key organizations to promote recycling. It recently joined AEPW, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, to encourage recycling, and is devoting internal effort to giving new life to products and expanding offerings with recycled content.

Logo Holy Grail 2.0

Novacel also contributes to the HolyGrail 2.0 program, which aims to optimize smart digital sorting of goods to enable high-quality recycling.
This is an initiative of the European brand association AIM, supported by over 130 companies and organizations. 

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