Novacel, committed to sustainable development

Our mission as a responsible industrial company is to protect your materials while also protecting people and our planet. Novacel is a company committed to sustainable development through its daily actions.

Novacel Protective, a sustainable company

Did you know? 

  • The application of a protective film can significantly reduce the level of wastage during the manufacture of your surfaces. Your surfaces will be protected throughout all the various stages: processing, transport, storage... up to and including installation. This can help you avoid having to replace damaged surfaces and accumulated packaging.
  • All Novacel’s LDPE films are recyclable.
  • Our management system is compliant with Standard ISO 14 001

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OXYGEN, the eco-friendly & value-added alternative for your surfaces!


Our Oxygen range has been designed to limit the impact of our products on global warming, based around three core principles:

  • Reduction of your CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of fossil resource use
  • Development of recycling

Three innovative film technologies are now available:

  • OXYGEN Recycled: an average of 20-25% recycled Low Density Polyethylene in the formulas of compatible films.
  • OXYGEN Vegetal: up to 100% Low Density Polyethylene from plants (sugarcane waste).
  • OXYGEN Lean: a reduction of 20% in the quantity of Low Density Polyethylene included in the film.

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All Novacel’s expertise goes into the formulation of adhesive solutions

  • Natural rubber adhesives
    The most “renewable” Novacel adhesives. These come from rubber trees and have made Novacel’s reputation in the stainless steel and window profiles sectors.
  • Emulsion adhesives
    The most “secure” Novacel adhesives. Their manufacture is solvent-free. They are the preferred option for manufacturers of pre-coated sheets, glazing and furniture panels.
  • Coextruded adhesive films
    These offer an optimum carbon balance for protecting plastic sheets, thanks specifically to their all-in-one production process.