Deep drawing expertise

Whether for design & decoration, lighting, furniture, appliances or other general industries, the deep drawing of metals is one of the most widespread operations for shaping sheets to make end products.

Deep drawing of metals

Deep drawing machine

Deep Drawing: a very demanding process

It involves manufacturing by forming a deep hollow part from a previously cut sheet using a press. The process enables manufacture of circular, square, rectangular and other complex shapes.

Deep Drawing involves high levels of pressure and friction

Metals undergo high deformation stresses. Your vulnerable surfaces face potential hazards throughout the manufacturing, shipping and installation processes.

The value of your metal may be ruined by a single scratch on the surface. The cost of repairing or replacing the product can have a big impact on your profit margin.

That is why aluminum and stainless steel need a highly technical protective film on their surfaces during this severe process. Novacel protective films ensure that the substrates can be manufactured without damage and then stored safely.

By protecting your metals, Novacel helps you reduce your waste rate and your need for post-processing operations. It allows you to respond to your industrial challenges and also keeps the finishes of your surfaces free of damage until the end of the manufacturing process – and after.

Novacel deep drawing solutions

Discover now how “Deep blue” technology can facilitate your deep drawing operations!

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A wide product range is at your disposition to protect your valuable surfaces throughout the deep drawing stages in your process:

  • Perfect conformability to the shape of your piece
  • High-quality backing and coating to eliminate impacts and scratches during application of pressure
  • Premium adhesion adapted to your depth, finish, time between steps, and so on.
  • Easy Peel film behavior is available in the Deep Drawing range for the fastest, most effortless removal the market can offer.