OXYGEN Vegetal: sustainable protective films

Oxygen Vegetal by NovacelAre you convinced that natural resources must be saved? Do you want to involve your entire value chain in your eco-design strategy?

By introducing biobased polyethylene, the OXYGEN Vegetal range is the best solution for manufacturers wishing to reduce their CO2 impact.

This range offers films that are biobased origin (sugar cane) and therefore renewable

Oxygen Vegetal by Novacel

OXYGEN vegetal film achieves the best reduction of CO2 emissions

The greenhouse gas emissions generated by the culture, transportation and processing of sugar cane, are largely  offset by the absorption of carbon during plant growth. 

Oxygen Vegetal is Novacel's most eco-responsible range thanks to its numerous advantages:

  • I'm Green logo 100% biosourced LDPE is attested by the green label "I’m Green"
  • 96 % less carbon than a traditional film 
  • Performance characteristics equal to fossil-based products: mechanical, adhesive, UV resistance...
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Printable: use your surface protection as a tool for communication on your environmental approach. 

These films are compatible with all surfaces: stainless steel, metals, plastics, laminates, glass...and also with all surface transformation processes, including the most severe: drilling, stamping, foaming, profiling, cutting, etc.

Vegetal and Recyclable!

Oxygen Vegetal films are also recyclable. Made of LDPE, they LDPE logoare classed as category 4 recyclable plastics.

Recyclers* can treat roll-ends and peeled films to obtain new pellets which can be used to create new products or items such as pipes, cores, bags…

OXYGEN Vegetal 3000GAA: the first bio-based protective film from NOVACEL 

Dedicated to the protection of stainless steel, aluminium, pre-coated metals, zinc, this sugar cane-based film is the best green shield against dust, scratches and other damage that may affect surfaces during production and installation. Oxygen Vegetal

It is the best green shield because it offers the best CO2 reduction! Only 10g CO2  eq/m².

This film is combined with a natural rubber-based adhesive system that reinforces the plant-based content of the product.

OXYGEN Vegetal 3000GAA offers:

  • Bobines Novacel greenA biobased content approved under ASTM D6866 norm (the "I’m green" label )
  • Technical performance (mechanical, adhesion, UV resistance) equal to fossil LDPE. Withstands all transformation processes applied to stainless steel, aluminium, pre-coated metals, zinc.
  • 6 months UV warranty
  • Aesthetics (identical look to standard films )
  • Recyclability
  • Printability

Novacel has developed specific printing to combine arrows and stripes and provide information on the bio-sourced content of the film and its recyclability.

OXYGEN Vegetal protection films are powerful tools to underpin your green strategy.

Ask now for a free sample roll for formal approval on your fabrication line!

*A list of approved recyclers is under construction