A unique ecological offer called OXYGEN

Our new Oxygen range is unique because it offers a number of solutions to cover 100% of the market's needs

Our customers are leading players in the construction industry, particularly in the metal, plastics, glass and furniture markets. It is important that we continue to offer greener solutions for all players and all surfaces. This range aims at achieving growth with the help of our customers.

Why is Oxygen eco-responsible?

Novacel's OXYGEN brand embodies a promise to:

  • reduce fossil raw materials as far as possible in order to save these non-renewable resources.
  • use as many renewable resources as possible for a more favorable carbon balance .
  • reduce carbon emissions 
  • be 100% recyclable
  • be more focused on human well-being

A range of 3 innovative film technologies 

All of which all provide answers to our customers' multiple needs:

Logo Oxygen Recycled

OXYGEN Recycled: a minimum of 25% of recycled Low Density Polyethylene in the formulas of compatible films. Ideal for precoated metals, laminates, carpets, glass...

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Logo Oxygen Vegetal

OXYGEN Vegetal:  minimum 30% of plant oil waste & residue via Mass Balance approach. The most versatile solution for all markets: aluminium, stainless steel, laminates...

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Logo Oxygen Lean

OXYGEN Lean: a reduction of 20% in the quantity of Low Density Polyethylene included in the film. The solution for aluminium composite panels and laser cutting.

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