Antimicrobial protective films

The current health context requires new health & safety rules for many organizations: companies, production plants, hospitals, schools, shopping centers and premises open to public. Thanks to its latest innovation - antimicrobial films - Novacel helps you produce, store, trade and live in a safer environment.

Novacel Antimicrobial protective films

Antimicrobial protection for all types of materials

Whether they are specialists in pre-coated metals, stainless steel, decorative laminates or plastic sheet, Novacel guarantees total protection for your customers by adding antimicrobial properties to its films. Novacel is already capable of shielding many types of surfaces against scratches and soiling. Now we can also protect against microbes throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Antimicrobial films for workers

Antimicrobial films for storage surfaces

Antimicrobial films for elevators

Even in the severest industrial processes: bending, punching, drilling, cutting, stamping, this will provide a guarantee of peace of mind to your customers!

Partitions for medical environments, cold storage equipment, medical devices, household appliances, elevators, escalators, canteen tables, hospital doors, locker room furniture, transparent protective screens and partitions, protective face shields - all these products used in daily life must be protected throughout the entire process from manufacture to installation.

All the benefits of Novacel antimicrobial films

Using a Novacel antimicrobial film allows to provide your customer with perfectly sanitized products. It also protects your personnel from risks of contamination during handling without requiring any additional cleaning!

How does Novacel antimicrobial work ?

Our antimicrobial films provide certified maximum efficiency: more than 99.99% of all bacteria are immediately destroyed and stabilized.

They comply with ISO 22196:2011 and JIS Z 2801:2000, the European Union and Japanese standards. These certifications have been issued by an independent laboratory.

Like all other Novacel films, the antimicrobial range is recyclable.