Discover Novacel Protective's solutions to protect your materials

As a world leader, Novacel invents and manufactures temporary protective films to guarantee the added value of your products, while at the same time protecting people and the planet. For over 40 years, we have been acting with passion to contribute to your success.

Protective film innovation
More than 20
innovations per year

International presence
24 sites
over the world

300 solutions for all surfaces
300 solutions
to meet all needs

More than 700 employees
More than
700 employees

Our expertise

We are chemists. We formulate advanced adhesive solutions and apply them to high-quality films to protect your substrates from all types of damage. Our expertise is to design optimal protection that is easily applied and easily removed leaving no residue. Our goal: to protect your materials throughout all processing stages.

We understand your industrial constraints. From manufacturing, to installation, to storage and transportation: each process has its specific features, every surface is special. We study each of your requests with the greatest care in order to recommend the most suitable protection for all stages of product manufacture.

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